During 2006 & 2007 season until 2/07, the Big Creek Adult returns are listed below:

Spring Chinook = 70 counted at Hatchery, Spring of 2006

Fall Tule Chinook = 2125 harvested for eggs Summer of 2006.
Estimated eggs taken was 3,000,000.
About 2,000 were netted/harvested at the mouth of Big Creek.
( 5.7 Chinook fingerlings were released in Big Creek during May of 2006).

Fall Rogue Chinook = 25 counted at hatchery, Summer of 2006. Estimated eggs taken 800,000, in which were taken to the Klaskanie hatchery.

Fall/Early Winter Coho ( Silvers ) = 7,400 counted at hatchery.
Estimated eggs taken 2,000,000

Winter Steelhead = 1,200 counted at hatchery late winter 2006/ and early 2007
Estimated eggs taken 340,000
Recycled in Lower Big Creek (in front of lodge) = 579
Wild Steelhead recycled in Upper Big Creek (above hatchery) = 31

Steelhead "caught and released" at Big Creek Fishing Lodge = 450

Chum = 192 counted and moved to Little Creek and Bear Creek

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Big Creek Fish and Bonnevillle Hatcheries have started collecting fall chinook (tule's) and coho salmon (silvers) during September 2005. More than 10,000 fall chinook and 8,500 coho have been collected to date. Forecast are for all egg productions to be met. Several thousand pounds of surplus carcasses have been distributed to nearby streams for stream enrichment.

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife have completed their "Native Fish Status Report". This entire document is available online for viewing or download at

COLUMBIA RIVER ESTUARY REPORT: The report "Salmon at Rivers End" is available online at by clicking on Technical Memorandums for 2005. The report, which examines the biological, physical and hydrologic dynamics of the Columbia River estuary from historic and contemporary perspective, was a joint effort involving NOAA Fisheries, Oregon Graduate Institute, University of Washington and ODFW.

Tule gathering at the Big Creek fish hatchery