Big Creek Lodging Rates

Big Creek Fishing Club Facility overnight rates are per night, per person as follows:
(1) One Person @ $80.00 per night,
(2) Two people at $ 75.00 per person per night,
(3) Three people at $ 70.00 per person per night,
(4) Four people at $ 65.00 per person per night,
(5) Five people at $ 60.00 per person per night,
(6-10 ) Six to ten people at $ 55.00 per person per night.

Children under 12 are one-half price of Adult Lodging Cost, Age 3 and under free.

All Lodging Rates are subject to Clatsop County Room Tax of 10.5% .

Reservation / Cleaning Fees Deposit:  
Big Creek Lodge reserves the right to require Reservation / Cleaning Deposit for the amounts as outlined below. Reservation deposit become cleaning fees upon check out. If reservations are cancelled within two weeks before arrival deposits may not be refunded.

1 to 3 people booking        $   25.00
4 people booking                $   50.00
5 to 6 people booking        $   75.00
7+ people booking $ 100.00

Reservation / Cleaning deposits are subject to Clatsop County Room tax of 10.5%.

PET FEES: Range from $15.00 per night to $25.00 per night. Extra charge may be incurred by damage of carpet or linen cleaning from Pet(s).

Method of Payments:
We accept Cash and Checks.

For futher information, Call 503-458-0990 between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm, Monday through Saturday.